I inherited the art of colors, therefore I had no choice but to paint.


Nature fascinated me much before I learned to spell or read. The changing seasons, the shades of sun at various times of the day and the dusky sky in monsoon rains made me think of colors. That’s how at the age of 7, I started writing short poems on splendor of nature.


Poetry and colors are complementary to each other. The expression of feelings can reversibly be expressed in both mediums. I painted, made pencil sketches, wrote poems and celebrated my small world of wonderland. My late mother had figured out my abilities right from the beginning. But I got the most unconventional support and confidence from Ashfaq, my husband, on the way of carving out my talent.

The process of creativity needs lot of obsession and solitude with a certain direction. It happened when words ended at a point of time in life, and colors started to express……


Education: BSc City & Regional Planning,  Msc City & Regional Planning (UET), M.A.Economics (Punjab University).


Currently  Working: Manager Planning, Punjab Municipal Development Fund Company (PMDFC), Lahore (A World bank & GOP funded Project)



Nayyer Ali Dada, Jimmy Engineer, Masoud Haider Zaidi (teacher), Amina Pataudi  (PNCA), Dr.M.Ashfaq, & My Parents

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